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What sets us apart

Enhanced Takedown Process
Technology is the driving force of our platform. We refined our AI-powered algorithms in order to catch over 95% of your business’ leaks.

Revenue Protection
Every year, companies lose over $600 billion to intellectual property theft in the US alone. Content Shield helps protect your business against illegal leaks.

Content Exposure Control
We know how important it is to have a strong affiliate management system. With our WhiteListing feature, you can control what websites your content is displayed on. We will only scan the ones you tell us to.

Customer oriented culture
At Content Shield, we are fighting to place the creators back at the center of content protection. We want to make your experience using the platform as smooth as possible, it’s something that you just can’t find for free.

How we accelerate growth

Why Content Shield for Business? We bussin.

All-in-one solution
Finding the right tools for your business is both complicated and expensive. We include everything you need for content protection under one subscription. Newest gen technology, breakthrough features and ease of use - we have every aspect covered.
Centralized creator management
Content Shield offers you the easiest way to manage copyright protection for your creator portfolio. Using our management system, you can access the creator dashboard, browse your analytics and set up your desired reporting scheme with just a couple clicks.
Set and forget
We know how important time is. As such, we have designed the leak takedown process to be fully automatic, allowing you to focus on all the other aspects of your business. Our tool tracks and removes every new post without the need of manual intervention.
Advanced tracking and reporting
Data enables you to optimize your costs and push your business forward. Our tracking system captures all the essential metrics related to the unauthorized use of your creators’ content and brings them in one place. Coupled with our reporting capabilities, you’re all set to take the best decisions.
Complete privacy
Our extensive experience in the cybersecurity industry has taught us that customer privacy should be at the center of everything we do. As a result, we don’t store any information without your consent.

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